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Challenges We Help You Overcome

Online Admissions 


Conducting Entrance Tests at Scale

hexaganFacilitating Multi-Geography Student Applications

hexaganCandidate Evaluation & Fitment

hexaganScheduling Mobile-Enabled Asynchronous & Live Video Interviews

Course Examinations

hexaganStudent Authentication

hexaganLive and Automated Exam Proctoring on Any Device

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hexaganIntegration with Existing LMS Tools or Certification Processes

How Talview Can Help You

Move Your Admissions Process Online

Secure Online Exams with Remote Proctoring

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Student admission season is one of the most critical times of the year. Social distancing has made it even more challenging. Schools are also witnessing the influx of the digitally native Gen-Z students who can't live without their gadgets. Moving to an online admission process can ensure your school stays ahead of the pack.

Why Talview For Admissions?

Better Sourcing

Remote admission means universities have access to a wider student pool and increased applications.

Multi-screen Workflows

AI-enabled video interviews and assessments help eliminate human errors.

Increased Accuracy

Advanced AI facial & voice recognition and automated ID validation prevents cheating on entrance exams.

Completely Secure

Assessments and video interviews are available across devices making it convenient for test takers and administrators.

Zero Room For Fraudulence

End-to-end encryption ensures data security and also maintains student privacy unlike common video.

Seamless Experience

Easy integration with enrolment tools and mobile means quicker document uploads & a hassle-free process.


Prior to 2020, digital convenience and full-time jobs had pushed many students to opt for online courses. Now with more universities closing their campuses due to COVID-19, secure online learning and exam taking has become as integral as course scheduling software. Talview helps universities build out their learning infrastructure while continuing to keep the value of their educational offerings high.

Why Talview for Exam Proctoring?

Better Detection

AI Facial & Voice Recognition beats human solutions for detecting impersonation.

Faster Experience

An AI-Powered Integrity Score is provided so you only review flagged students.

More Effective

AI Invigilation means the highest quality review process is performed every time to an unlimited number of users.

Low Bandwidth Ready

Proview is designed to work well in low bandwidth environments (128-512Kbps).

Less Intrusive

100% Automated Proctoring with no downloads is less intrusive and more convenient for test takers.

Easy Integration

Our plug & play integration brings our advanced proctoring features into your test engine.

How We Protect Your Entrance & Course Exams


Face/Voice Match & Activity Detectioninterface

Browser Activity Trackinginterface


interface2-Factor Authentication

interfaceBlock Copy-Paste Options

interfaceEvent Logs for Audit

interfaceProview Index Score (High to Low)

interfaceRestriction of Test Access

interfaceSecure Exam Browser & Watermarking


Why Customers Love Us

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"Talview helped us efficiently interview many candidates for our online graduate program."


Liz Giancola

Program Coordinator, EWU Psychology Department

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About Talview

Launched in 2017, Talview's AI-powered candidate experience platform is the fastest way to remotely screen, interview, and test top talent and students. Our chatbot, live and asynchronous video interviewing, assessment, and remote proctoring solutions use advanced NLP and AI technology to empower our clients to select high-quality applicants anytime, anywhere, and administer tests and exams securely. With our 100% mobile experience, you can easily automate routine tasks, build talent pools, and integrate data seamlessly into your ATS or LMS.