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Talview's online examination software is a secure test engine that enables you to assess an individual's performance on various skill and ability tests within an online proctored environment.

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Easily Customizable Online Proctored Exams

Talview’s online test software is highly customizable and easy to use. Conduct online examinations and assess students using multiple test formats in a seamless manner.


Set up various types of standard assessments or create customized exams per your need.


Avoid cheating, fraud or impersonation with cognitive remote proctoring.


Use our plug & play integration to bring our advanced features into your test engine.

Types Of Online Tests Offered By Talview

Online Assessments

Talview's online examination software supports online technical & aptitude tests in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) format across devices that are proctored through video recording.

Talview also provides comprehensive candidate reports with integrity scores derived from proctoring to gauge performance of applicants, individuals, and teams.


Online Essay Test

With Essay tests, you can assess a person's reading, writing and comprehension abilities. The test will also help you measure applicants' command on grammar and language quickly.

As applicants finish an assessment, automated emails are triggered to the panel members who can then evaluate the submissions easily at any time with the parameters made available on the same page.

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Online Code Test

Finding good programmers isn’t a challenge with Talview's performance-based evaluation tests to get the top applicants for your IT program or course.

Talview provides validated and advanced assessments that are designed to test proficiency in 52 different modern programming languages and save time spent on interviews by 40%.


Online Typing Test

Identify individuals with ideal communication skills with an efficient online typing test. With Talview’s online examination software, it's easy to assess individuals on their ability to write content for client-facing roles. Be it emails, or social media, this test provides you with an accurate and detailed report of the person's skills and abilities.

Online typing test

Advantages & Benefits



Talview provides online examinations for multiple courses, including technical and typing tests.

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Avoid assessment biases with the help of 100% authentic tests and automated results.

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Conduct technical exams with ease using Talview's coding tests.


Save Time

Set up out-of-the-box tests with automated assessment workflows to save time and resources.



Let your students or candidates take tests online from any place and any device.

Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser Option

Talview's Safe Exam Browser option ensures the highest level of authenticity and security.

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