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Secure and Customizable Online Proctored Exams by Talview


Talview's online examination software is a secure test engine that enables you to assess a candidate’s performance on various skill and ability tests within an online proctored environment. Take a look at how Talview’s advanced features sets it apart from the other solutions available in the market.

Types of Online Exams Supported by Talview

  • Advanced STEM Exams

  • MCQ Tests

  • Online Coding Test

  • Essay/Typing or Other Exams

Talview’s Comprehensive Examination Platform

An end-to-end suite of advanced tools and features for all your high, mid, and low stake exams

Talview Secure Browser

Talview Secure Browser is our 100% safe anti-cheating lockdown browser that creates a secure test environment by controlling access to resources like system applications, other websites and offline assets, and prevents unauthorized resources being used during an exam.

  No browser or tab switching

  Restricted keyboard functionality

  Limited navigation

  Freeze candidate's screen option

  Disabled browser options

  Blocked screen recording


Talview Exam Plus

Talview Exam Plus is our easy to use enterprise-grade enhanced examination platform that helps you deliver safe and secure exams faster with its multi-question formats, remote proctoring and comprehensive reports for all your education, recruitment, and training needs. We support complex STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) exams, coding questions (with our HackerEarth integration) and authoring content.

  Complex STEM tests

  Image-based MCQs

  Coding test for 50+ programming languages

  Essay and Comprehension tests

  Drag & drop into text/image tests


Advanced Remote Proctoring

Talview’s advanced Online Proctoring feature keeps your exams secure and authentic; it is completely automated and is always monitoring suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics. It ensures the test taker focuses on the test screen, and prevents cheating.

  Face/voice match and activity detection

 Browser activity tracking

 Geo-tagging and 2-Factor Authentication

 Block copy-paste options

 Event logs for audit

 Proview Index Score


Additional Intelligent Features 

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Exam Watermark 

Our Watermark feature adds the candidate’s unique ID to the test page and prevents content theft. It makes it easy to trace the source of any leakage of exam questions and hence mitigate the risk of content leak.


360° Test Environment Check

Our 360° test Environment Check prompts the candidate to verify: earphone accessory check; table, roof, worktable, ceiling and floor check; and a 360 degrees video of the room in which they are attending the exam.

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Support Chatbot

Our support Chatbot allows for swift and real-time assistance for our clients during their online exams. The chatbot solves quick queries of your candidates if they face issues while taking an exam on any device.

Why Customers Love Us

"Talview helped us efficiently interview many candidates for our online graduate program."

Liz Giancola

Program Coordinator, EWU Psychology Department


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