Online Remote Proctoring

Ensure the authenticity and integrity of your students and exam results with Talview's advanced online proctoring solutions.

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 Re-define Online Proctoring


Ensure the quality and integrity of your exam experience


Track 10+ browser window, copy-paste, and other events


Avoid all the overhead cost to administer tests


Advanced Automated Online Proctoring

Talview's system is completely automated and is always monitoring suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics. Our software ensures the test taker focuses on the test screen; monitors the light and other factors in the room; checks for suspicious objects and background voice activity; and watches the browser window to detect changes. Any of these will immediately red flag the test!

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Live Monitoring of Online Tests

Administer online proctored exams/tests that students can take remotely, and get notified of suspicious test environment and browser activity through an audio-visual log showing recorded intervals captured during the session corresponding to designated flagged events.


Face Recognition to Avoid Impersonation

Advanced facial recognition features authenticate that your student is the actual person taking your exam or assessment. We provide a confidence score to help ensure a match, and our Two-Factor Authentication process helps you avoid fraudulent activity by quickly restricting test access.


Easy Integration to Any Test Engine & Mobile Support

Talview's Online Proctoring is a ‘plug & play’ tool that can be integrated with any test engine or any website session that needs to be proctored. This can be used to authenticate any online transaction or testing process. Our software also looks great on mobile.


Safe Browser for an Extra Safe Online Exam Environment

Talview’s Safe Exam Browser provides examiners a completely authentic online exam experience. The Safe Exam Browser acts as a dedicated application for exams, preventing candidates from accessing help websites and system applications. It also has a built-in connection to Moodle, ILIAS, OpenOLAT, Inspera Assessment and other leading platforms.

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Online Proctoring Advantages


Better Detection

AI Facial & Voice Recognition beats human solutions for detecting impersonalization.


Faster Experience

An AI-Powered Integrity Score is provided so you only review flagged students.


More Effective

AI Invigilation means the highest quality review process is performed every time to an unlimited number of users.


Low Bandwidth Ready

Proview is designed to work well in low bandwidth environments (128-512Kbps).


Less Intrusive

100% Automated Proctoring that is less intrusive and more convenient for test takers.

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Easy Integration

Our plug & play integration brings our advanced proctoring features into your test engine.

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